• GYOSAS ₡4.400

    (5 pieces per order) Japanese empanadas, fried or steamed, filled with: vegetables, pork or chicken.

  • Miso soup ₡2.900

    With Soy pasta, tofu cheese, algae, shiitake mushrooms and chives.

  • edamame

    Classic ₡2.800
    B.B.Q ₡2.800
    Bacon and honey ₡3.000
    Spicy siracha ₡2.900

  • tori skewers ₡4.600

    Chicken skewers with vegetables in teriyaki sauce.

  • karage ₡5.500

    Breaded chunks of pork or chicken, with the sauce of your choice Teriyaki or Anguilla.

  • Tuna baskets ₡5.500

    Wantán baskets, filled with lettuce, fresh tuna, avocado and siracha

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