• Vegetarian ramen Soup ₡5.200

    Mixed vegetables & egg, in a dashi broth.

  • Chicken ramen soup, pork, tenderloin or shrink ₡7.400

    Ramen noodles with the protein of your choice, pork, chicken, tenderloin or shrimp.
    With hard egg, kamaboko, mashrooms shiitake and vegetables.


    Chicken, kamaboko, mushrooms shiitake, vegetables, spinach, egg & tempura shrimp.

  • ORIENTAL seafood soup ₡6.600

    Mixed seafood, octopus, tilapia, mussels, squid with vegetables.

  • Chicken soup ₡4.500

    Chunks or chicken with vegetables.

  • AKESOUSI Soup ₡4.500

    Salmon, egg, soy in dashi broth.

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